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ICD-10 Physician Training is Here!

At BCE Healthcare Advisors, we recognize there are many options when choosing a clinical documentation improvement program. What distinguishes CliniNotes™ from other programs is our focus on physicians educating physicians, real-time, customized data reporting and dashboards, and the 3Es (Evaluate, Execute, Enable). We invite you to discover what enables BCE Healthcare Advisorʼs clients to achieve their full clinical documentation improvement and compliance potential by implementing the CliniNotes™ CDI program.

Using a proprietary program, CliniNotes™ enables clients to align incentives between physicians and hospitals, while improving clinical documentation, DRG payment, and RAC compliance. Not only do the notes from the CliniNotes™ program provide a good internal audit trail, it shows a conscious effort on the part of the provider to provide better patient-centered care, decrease RAC audit findings, and assist with payment of claims.

Whether your hospital utilizes electronic, paper, or a hybrid medical record, we have a solution. Explore our site and contact us today to learn about our customized, comprehensive services and request a free preliminary analysis.



Targeted ICD-10 education is the most recent tool in BCE’s armamentarium of direct physician to physician education. With the implementation of ICD-10, a new set of complex rules for documentation make physician education even more critical to the success of any hospital.

ICD-10 education for physicians must be very specific, and unlike documentation training provided in the past by BCE and other educators, the same education tool cannot be used across all specialties in the same manner. BCE recognizes that educating physicians is unique, and has adapted its programs(including ICD-10) with the following considerations:

1. Physician educators, not lawyers, accountants, consultants or nurses, are the most efficient and
successful resource to coach their physician colleagues.
2. Before engaging any group or individuals, a gap analysis should be performed to identify specific
physician and physician group deficiencies.
3. ICD-10 webinars, group lectures, and other educational approaches are important, but a
targeted one-on-one approach is the best way to teach physicians.

Based on our survey of client hospitals, we have identified areas of greatest ICD-10 need: cardiology and cardiac surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics, and orthopedic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, general medicine, and general surgery.

Our CliniNotes™ concurrent documentation program now includes ICD-10 specific information for all
major DRG discharges.

BCE’s philosophy is to build a core competency of improved documentation by physicians through peer
mentoring and focused communications. We use coaching techniques that have proven successful for
every one of our clients. Many hospitals have been with us for several years and continue to improve
their compliance with applicable laws and regulations and also enjoy revenue improvements.

We teach select members of your medical staff the proven BCE methodology which they in turn use to
teach their colleagues. BCE’s mission is to educate physicians and the Health Information Management
Team in current documentation techniques. BCE Technology provides products and services so clients
can implement and sustain improvements in inpatient and outpatient documentation. Our primary goal
is to permanently change physicians' poor documentation habits.


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